Note: Besides having the above organisations as customers, we have trained many happy individuals!


What others are saying

‘’Thank you for providing such a professional course for our future examiners.  All the feedback I have received has been very positive, and I personally enjoyed the time I was able to attend’’ - Capt. D.B., Head of Training (Aeroplanes) Horizon Flight Academy, UAE
‘’Firstly, congratulations on a fantastic CRE/IRR course. I cannot think of any way to improve the course other than making it a little longer for slower applicants like myself. The training and treatment we received during the course from you, your staff and Linda was excellent’’ - Capt. G.P, Norwich
‘’Thanks for a great course. I'm trying to think of some areas of improvement to include in the feedback form but am struggling ’ - Capt. M.R., Coventry
 ‘’We just wanted to express our thanks again for a great course, doing the FECPL with you in March. We thought the course was excellent as well as enjoyable.  We really appreciated the above and beyond effort you made’’ - Capts G.B. & G.H., New Zealand
“Very relaxed and enjoyable. Perfect combination of information, instruction and enjoyment” - Capt B W, Florida 
“Very well done. Use of video is extremely useful, once the initial embarrassment is overcome!” - Capt M B, Exeter