Covid-19 update: we are now delivering examiner refreshers to customers worldwide by Zoom (as well as face-to-face)

Seminars are kept as practical as possible with active participation encouraged (and required!)

Feedback remains extremely positive

'Professionally presented, well structured. Excellent guest speakers'

'Good seminar – I enjoyed the interactivity!'

IFEA has now been expanded to include flight instructors, and retitled IFEIA.

IFEA holds regular members meetings, and is working closely with the CAA on such matters as examiner remuneration and standards.

IFEA has a website forum, where the latest on examiner issues can be found  here, and has now also established a very active WhatsApp group.

Congratulations to FET clients who have recently achieved the following examiner certificates (despite the Covid-19 pandemic!)

Tony Brackston, FE PPL at Shoreham

Gus Denovan FE PPL at Blackbushe

John Shaw IRE at Gamston

Peter Shawe, IRE  & FE CPL at Oxford

Chris Hiett, FE CPL at L3 Harris, Bournemouth

Bill Spencer, FE CPL at L3 Harris, Bournemouth

Guy Wakeley, IRE & FE CPL at Wellesbourne

Glen Corcoran, IRE in Scotland

James Whitby, FE ME at Dundee