1. Why should I choose Flight Examiner Training?
A:  We are specialists in providing examiner training which is thorough, good value and produces the results. Talk to someone trained by us!
2 Is my Examiner Authorisation guaranteed?
A: No! It depends on satisfactory performance on the relevant course and a successful Assessment of Competence (carried out by the UK CAA).
3 What do I need to do before attending an Examiner Standardisation Course?
A: Each applicant must be in possession of a letter or email from the UK CAA providing its agreement for the client to attend a particular examiner standardisation course.
4 When will you send me pre-course study materials?
A: This is normally sent out about two weeks before the commencement of a course.  Especially for a new examiner, there is a considerable ‘core course’ study package to be addressed.
5 How much deposit is required to confirm a booking?
A: 10% of the course fee , with the balance required by the first day of the course. The full amount is required in advance to book a refresher seminars.
6 Is hire of simulators (FNPT II) and aeroplanes included in the course prices?
A: Yes, unless it has already been agreed to use the client’s simulators and/or aeroplanes. Aeroplane hire for the Assessment of Competence (AoC) is generally not included (as it is often arranged to take place at the client’s home airfield).
7. When do you run Examiner Standardisation Courses?
A:  Courses are run according to demand. It may be that there is already a date for a particular examiner course agreed with another customer, and thus it would be particularly suitable to be paired for this date